Take Control of Anxiety and Anger
during these difficult times

Instant Stress Management System

Stress and anxiety management are difficult, challenging, and many times ineffective, especially for workplace family tension. Anxiety reduction is so important if we are going to have a more functional life and better physical and emotional health.

Hello, my name is Rick Goodfriend. I use this method daily to keep my stress and tension almost nonexistant. I want to share this method with you. If you would like to be stress free with less anxiety, enjoy your business, family and personal relationships, and lessen emotional pressure in seconds, then this might be the most important webpage you will ever read.

Are you tired of of the tension that may lead to health problems such as:

    • stroke
    • high blood pressure
    • diabetes

Stop stress Having Power Over You Now!

It is your choice if you want to be stressed or calm. It is time to stop arguing, having energy wasting resentments, and feeling emotional pressure all the time. I use this method almost daily, especially when I first discovered it, in order to keep my stress and anxiety at bay.

Will my Stress or Anxiety ever go away?

Unless you are a guru on the highest mountain with no other people around, the answer is “No”. Especially with years and years of built up emotions. Yet now you can have powerful tools to diminish your anger and stress in minutes, maybe seconds. However, sometimes emotional pressure can be a good emotion if used wisely.

Why are negative emotions helpful for helping stress?
Here is a Secret Not Many People Know, Even Therapists.

Stress, anger and other negative emotions such as frustration, irritability, guilt, and so on are barometers. They tell us whether our needs are being satisfied or not. For example, if someone is late for a meeting over and over, they probably are not satisfying your value for respect, consideration, cooperation, etc.  Because your needs are not satisfied, your emotions become anger, irritation and frustration.

Therefore, the needs you value do control your emotions. If you can always satisfy your needs/values over 50% of the time, then your emotions will be positive. Just identifying your needs not being met can help you become calm instantly.

Another HUGE Secret!
Learn What Values Are Missing
From Your Life. Watch how stress WILL Dissolve.

It can be difficult to identify your values. In a few minutes, even seconds, you can identify what values are missing. Then find out how to satisfy your values using your own choices to make your emotions become positive. No anxiety, no stress, just an easier day and abundant energy. Yes, anxiety and stress rob you of energy.

Resentments + Stress = NO Energy

Yes that person that you are resenting has power over you. It may even be you, resenting yourself. Resentments need so much energy to live. This method helps you to relieve resentments. Plus, why would you want someone to have power over you? Why would you want to have tension over them? Only you are responsible for the choice to be willing to change and enrich your life being stress free.

Stress is a huge challenge to dissolve.

Someone I know has a huge stress "challenge". I would witness it in my workshops, as he would become frustrated and irate talking about his ex-wife. He would turn red and look as if he would burst.

It scared everyone in the workshop. I helped him use this method, and in seconds he was calm again, only seconds to dissolve this massive amount of tension. All watched in disbelief and amazement as he calmed down.

Don't you want to have an easier life with inner peace, patience and calm in minutes, sometimes seconds?

Thousands of people are learning these calming skills. The emails I receive and comments from workshop participants are amazing. It is astounding to watch stress in others melt away in a few minutes, sometimes seconds. It does not take weeks to teach this, just a few minutes.

I made a CD to handle my stress and Anxiety.  
I am sharing the secrets with you
that has worked for me.

After years of study, workshops and reading books, I developed a CD for myself to help control my anxiety. It is fantastic, as in a few minutes my stress is turned to calm and positive energy.

Learn this method in minutes, not weeks. You do not need to go to classes or workshops. Just listen to this CD and use what you need. You will have my support.

It is senseless to struggle with stress.
Find natural peace of mind learning and using this method.

1) Calm yourself instantly … Better health from less tension and anxiety reducing drugs. Of course talk to your Doctor before stopping any drugs. By the way, I am a keynote speaker, so I know about intense stress.

2) Enjoy having fewer family arguments and less bickering … More quality and easier relationships. Family get togethers are easier and more fun as you use these skills quietly, even during tense moments.

3) Better business relationships … Easier communication with customers, clients and patients. You will offer better service as you stay calm during their stress, meaning easier sales and trusting long term relationships.

4) Listen effectively when you stay calm ... Build trust faster in your personal or business relationships. Hear and understand what they are really saying. It is a gift to another to be able to stay focused on them and really try to understand their position. This very process brings immediate clarity and quality into your life!

5) Learn the technique in minutes ... No need to go to classes for weeks, the method works instantly.

6) Sleep soundly through the night ... Your needs and values are gold to your well-being. You will learn how to use them effectively and efficiently. Use the CD before bed and sleep more soundly.

7) Control compulsions such as drugs, alcohol, overeating, smoking etc. This may be a great substitute for compulsive behaviors such as drugs, smoking, alcohol, overeating and shopping. These exercises calm you down and help you deal with your emotions. This is a healthy strategy.

8) Feel alert yet calm: you will feel a new rejuvenating energy ... Your day will flow easier; ideas will come faster with your blast of positive energy. Isn't it interesting that this exercise boosts your energy level while you stay calm and positive! Use it before you start your day for more ease.

9) Receive 7 tracks that explain why the exercises work and the exercises. Simple, short discussions and explanations showing you how to achieve energy in seconds, Sometimes I listen to one exercise and on stressfull days I listen to all 4. As I said, I listen to parts of this CD daily, as it is a great foundation for daily calmness plus positive energy.

10 ) You get at least 100 times your money's worth!

It took me several years of workshops with accompanying practice to learn and utilize the method I am sharing with you. Because I take out the fluff that did not pertain to this topic, I am saving you years of study and simplifying your practice. You are saving hundreds, maybe thousands using this CD, not to mention the painful cost to you of not using it!

In summary, here is what you get:
  • In one CD, you will receive the skills and practice techniques to calm yourself in seconds. 7 Tracks in all.

  • The exercises will provide you positive energy immediately, that helps your day flow easier. Complicated decisions come easier and faster.

  • Learn why this system works with short educational tracks so you can do it without the CD, anytime and anywhere.

  • Free Needs Value list. Download it now. This is gold. By just going down the list watch your feelings change to positive.

  • If you respond now, you pay only $19.97 and because I enjoy teaching and the work I do, I have added a special bonus to help support the process to more calm.  The bonus will be gone when my schedule fills up.

Act immediately and receive the following bonus:
One Half
hour free phone consultation to talk about using the CD or
to work on any life challenges you are having. Value $45.00

Dear Rick:

Thank you for the gift of this evening’s session – I feel appreciative, pleased, and nourished by the time we spent together. It met my needs for clarity, learning and connection.

My best,
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"I get so irritated at my children. Now I know how to calm myself before I explode. Being stress free, it is even easier to get them to do their homework ."


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