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What You Can Do ?

This website will list several suggestions and links to help you celebrate World Empathy Day. More books, workshops, CD's and DVD's are in development. There is already plenty to facilitate your learning.
Start with the books:

"Nonviolent Communication, A language of life" by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg,
"I Hear You, But..." by Rick Goodfriend , Over 70 Proactive communication Tips from World Empathy Day

Now You Are Peace ! REALLY? Become Proactive

With empathy skills, we would have energy to easily deal with our challenges using healthy, not destructive strategies. We can each have a chance to build a peaceful world by modeling peaceful communications, not just by speaking about it. Sign up to receive the empathy tip of the week via e-mail.

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Offering empathy is offering understanding, connection, forgiveness and healing. It is a powerful skill to possess. Yes, it is a skill that needs to be nourished. Some people have it naturally while others like me have spent several years to develop the skill and most important, consciousness. Empathy does not deprive the listener of energy, just the opposite, it replenishes energy. I found out a long time ago how burnout develops by feeling another's negative feelings. The next time that you are listening to someone, observe if you are losing or gaining energy. If your energy is diminishing you are probably not offering empathy, instead maybe sympathy or fix-it language.

Empathy is also emotional nourishment. The majority in the world are empathy deprived. A powerful statement. Even more powerful is if we all received adequate empathy, then we wouldn't have so much stress, people in jails, domestic violence, wars, child or elder abuse and other forms of violence. Our societies would not need to use blame, shame, guilt and fear to communicate. We are really in an empathy deprived society. As we offer ourselves or others empathy, nourishing energy is developed. Today, right now, offer yourself or others empathy and understanding. Yes, you can start to change the energy of the world, right now.

More resources to celebrate Empathy Day will be coming soon at this website. I will become we as World Empathy Day develops and more people are involved. If you have any ideas or services that will support this development, please do not hesitate to write me at . I know that World Empathy Day will blossom quickly. If this idea is exciting to you, become a part of World Empathy Day today. Remember to write on your calendar Empathy Day every Wednesday to help set your intention for understanding. You will be modeling peace.

From my heart,

Rick Goodfriend
Founder - World Empathy Day
Santa Barbara, Ca.

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